Precision Mechanics Workshop

Innovation and experience presented by our company embody Nuova Menon precision mechanics workshop. 130 years of experience in the metal workmanships in Italy represent a wealth of experience, giving cause of high-level reliability towards our company. In addition to choosing the best available technologies in the field of pressing, Transfer and CNC working and design, Nuova Menon continues to introduce innovations in production process, in design and technologies applied in precision mechanics. Thanks to its working method resting on solid foundations, the name Nuova Menon has become synonymous of guaranteed quality and precision. Nuova Menon precision mechanics workshop allows to realize complex mechanic components, perform components. We are not afraid of difficult projects – they are more interesting to us: combining the best quality control systems in the production phase with the competence and experience of the technical staff, our workshop is able to carry out the most complicated projects. We manufacture highly competitive products bringing our mechanics workshop to new level of performance and precision.Innovations and “complex quality” concept define our precision mechanics workshop core values. Complex quality intends unique and effective solutions applied to every step of product creation.