Metal Pressing and Brass Stamping

The entire proces of brass stamping and hot metal pressing performed in our plant in Italy, providing security and industrial confidentiality to our customers. Responsibility, professionalism and mutual understanding are not only a part of our business customs, but also the basis of our philosophy and effective production. We always seek our customers to become our constant partners. We provide reason for our clients to be sure of our responsibility, to rely most important work, the fruit of the research or exclusive know how. The Sophisticated in-house process of brass stamping and hot metal pressing is provided by production programming and precise control system. The use of cutting-edge technologies in automated CNC transfer system allows obtaining in one step a whole series of operations in which multiple machines should be involved. Classic brass pressing with multiple machines is complicated by the significant use of staff in charge, consequent increase in processing times and obligatory creation of stocks of semi-finished products between the various stages. As a result, our brass stamping techniques provide:

  • raise overall production efficiency
  • reduction of lead time and planning optimization limits
  • higher quality of pressing
  • accurate and error-free process
Our philosophy and our approach to partnership imply long-term success and best results for our clients. Our brass stamping and hot metal pressing techniques will become your high return investment.